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Leading with Health

Mar 20, 2019

Advance Directives are a conversation frequently dreaded by both patients and providers. Yet avoiding them can result in even more painful situations down the line. That is why Karen Kopan has launched Intensive Karen to help educate people on the importance of Advance Directives.

Karen Kopan is a critical care nurse practitioner with over 30 years of Intensive Care nursing experience. Throughout her career, she has worked alongside patients, their families, friends and hospital staff. Her mission is to educate others about Advance Directives. She is committed to changing the way we talk about life and death, in the hospital and in our everyday lives.  

In the podcast, we discuss:

- Patient-centered care
- Advocating for yourself within the health system
- Advance Directives

This is an episode of the Leading with Health podcast, formerly titled “Healthcare Lead Generation.” In this podcast, healthcare leaders join host Jennifer Michelle to discuss growth, change and their vision for the future of healthcare.

Jennifer Michelle, MPH, EMT is a marketing consultant specializing in the healthcare sector. President of Michelle Marketing Strategies, she has a Master’s in International Health & Epidemiology and volunteers as an EMT. Her unique background allows her to bring unexpected insight and depth to every interview.